• Mislocalization of Pex11p (red) to mitochondria (green) in pex3delta cells.
    Image from Motley et al. 2015, J Cell Biol 211(5):1041-56.
  • The mitochondrial network is perturbed in sar1D32G cells.
    Image from Ackema et al. 2016, PLoS One 11(4):e0154280.
  • Varying metabolic activity within a yeast colony
    Image courtesy of Dr. Kate Campbell, Ralser Lab, University of Cambridge
  • Localization of Erg1-GFP to lipid droplets in stationary phase cells
    Image courtesy of Sébastien Léon, Institut Jacques Monod/ CNRS - Paris, France.
  • Rap1-GFP and Calcofluor White staining of stationary phase cells.
    Image courtesy of M. Guidi, M. Ruault and A. Taddei, Institut Curie (Paris).
  • Pma1-mCherry and Vma1-GFP localization in mitotic cells.
    Image courtesy of M. Eastwood, Fred Hutch and M. Meneghini, University of Toronto.
  • CCCP-induced decrease of mitochondrial membrane potential (below) or control treatment (above) as measured by MitoLoc.
    Image courtesy of Dr. Jakob Vowinckel, Ralser Lab, University of Cambridge.
  • Large sized lipid droplets in aged wild-type BY4741 cells
    Large sized lipid droplets in aged wild-type BY4741 cells
    Image courtesy of D.K. Vijayan, R. Rajasekharan and M. Srinivasan, CSIR-CFTRI, India
  • Redistribution of Msn5 pools from the nucleus to the cytoplasm upon glucose deprivation.
    Image courtesy of H. Huang and A. Hopper, Ohio State University.
  • slideshow24-new
    Floccule of yeast rho0 cells expressing PTS1-GFP as a peroxisomal marker, stained with calcofluor white.
    Image courtesy of Dr. Jakob Vowinckel, University of Cambridge
  • S. cerevisiae membrane proteins visualized by RFP and GFP.
    Image courtesy of Masur. Wikimedia Commons.
  • Peroxisome (red) and mitochondrial (green) fission defects in vps1 fis1 double deletion strain transformed with FIS1.
    Image courtesy of S. Lefevre, S. Kumar and I. van der Klei, University of Groningen.
  • Yeast cells expressing TRK1/GFP.
    Image courtesy of V. Zayats and J. Ludwig, Center of Nanobiology and Structural Biology, AV CR.
  • The distribution of mtDNA (green) within the mitochondrial network (red).
    Image courtesy of Christof Osman and Peter Walter, University of California, San Francisco
  • The distribution of ER exit sites (ERES, green) within the ER (red).
    Image courtesy of A. Nakano and K. Kurokawa, RIKEN.
  • Cell, actin and nuclear morphology of yeast cells treated with DMSO (left) and poacic acid (right).
    Images courtesy of Hiroki Okada and Yoshikazu Ohya, University of Tokyo.
  • Colombo S and Martegani E
    Localization of active Ras in a wild type strain
    Image courtesy of S. Colombo and E. Martegani, University Milano Bicocca
  • Sectored Colonies
    Sectored colonies showing loss of silencing at the HML locus
    Image courtesy of Anne Dodson, UC Berkeley
  • Pma1p imaged using the RITE tagging system in mother (green) and daughter cells (red)
    Pma1p imaged using the RITE tagging system in mother (green) and daughter cells (red)
    Image courtesy of Dan Gottschling Ph.D., Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • San1 strain visualized with FUN and calcofluor white
    San1 strain visualized with FUN and calcofluor white
    Image courtesy of the Bruschi lab, ICGEB, Trieste, Italy
  • Single MDN1 mRNAs detected by FISH
    Single MDN1 mRNAs detected by FISH
    Image courtesy of the Zenklusen Lab, Université de Montréal
  • Localization of Ace2-GFP to daughter cell nuclei
    Localization of Ace2-GFP to daughter cell nuclei
    Image courtesy of Eric Weiss, Ph.D. Northwestern University

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