S288C Reference Genome

Nucleic acid and protein sequences of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain S288C.

  Name Description README
Reference Genome/ Access GenBank and RefSeq files for the 16 nuclear chromosomes and mitochondria of the S288C Reference Genome.
chromosomes/ FASTA sequence files of the 16 nuclear chromosomes and mitochondrial genome. readme-icon
genome_releases/ Files for each S288C reference genome release, including sequence and annotation. readme-icon
intergenic/ Intergenic DNA sequences that are not contained within any annotated feature. readme-icon
NCBI_genome_source/ Sequence files used by NCBI to create the S. cerevisiae reference genome sequence. readme-icon
orf_dna/ ORF genomic and coding DNA sequences in FASTA format. readme-icon
orf_protein/ Protein translations of ORFs and pseudogenes in FASTA format. readme-icon
other_features/ Sequences of features other than ORFs in FASTA format. readme-icon
primer_sequences/ Primers used to amplify ORFs and intergenic regions of S288C. readme-icon
rna/ RNA gene sequences in FASTA format. readme-icon
[TXT] Chromosomal features and coordinates in SGD. [TXT]
[TXT] saccharomyces_cerevisiae.gff Genomic sequence features, coordinates and annotations. Used to load the genome browser. [TXT] Dates of various genome releases. [TXT]
all_chromosome_sequence_changes Tab-delimited file listing all changes made to chromosome reference sequences. [TXT]



Nucleic acid and protein sequences of S. cerevisiae strains other than S288C.

[ICO] Name Description README
AWRI1631/ Haploid derivative of South African commercial wine strain N96. readme-icon
AWRI796/ South African red wine strain. readme-icon
BC187/ Haploid derivative of California red wine isolate. readme-icon
BY4741/ S288C-derivative laboratory strain. readme-icon
BY4742/ S288C-derivative laboratory strain. readme-icon
CBS7960/ Brazilian bioethanol factory isolate. readme-icon
CEN.PK/ Laboratory strain. readme-icon
CLIB215/ New Zealand bakery isolate. readme-icon
CLIB324/ Vietnamese bakery isolate. readme-icon
CLIB382/ Irish beer isolate. readme-icon
D273-10B/ Laboratory strain. readme-icon
DBVPG6044/ Haploid derivative of West African bili wine isolate. readme-icon
EC1118/ Commercial wine strain. readme-icon
EC9-8/ Haploid derivative of Israeli canyon isolate. readme-icon
FL100/ Laboratory strain. readme-icon
Foster's B/ Commercial ale strain. readme-icon
Foster's O/ Commercial ale strain. readme-icon
FY1679/ S288C-derivative laboratory strain. readme-icon
JAY291/ Haploid derivative of Brazilian industrial bioethanol strain PE-2. readme-icon
JK9-3d/ Laboratory strain. readme-icon
K11/ Japanese sake yeast. readme-icon
Kyokai7/ Japanese sake yeast. readme-icon
L1528/ Chilean red wine isolate. readme-icon
LalvinQA23/ Portuguese Vinho Verde white wine strain. readme-icon
M22/ Italian vineyard isolate. readme-icon
PW5/ Nigerian Raphia palm wine isolate. readme-icon
Red Star/ Commercial baking yeast. readme-icon
RM11-1a/ Haploid derivative of California Zinfandel vineyard isolate. readme-icon
SEY6210/ Laboratory strain. readme-icon
Sigma1278b/ Laboratory strain. readme-icon
SK1/ Laboratory strain. readme-icon
T7/ Missouri oak tree exudate isolate. readme-icon
T73/ Spanish red wine strain. readme-icon
UC5/ Japanese sake yeast. readme-icon
UWOPS05_217_3/ Malaysian Bertram palm nectar isolate. readme-icon
VIN13/ South African white wine strain. readme-icon
VL3/ French white wine strain. readme-icon
W303/ Laboratory strain. readme-icon
X2180-1A/ S288C-derivative laboratory strain. readme-icon
Y10/ Philippine coconut isolate. readme-icon
Y55/ Laboratory strain. readme-icon
YJM269/ Austrian Blauer Portugieser wine grape isolate. readme-icon
YJM339/ Clinical isolate. readme-icon
YJM789/ Haploid derivative of opportunistic human pathogen. readme-icon
YPH499/ S288C-congenic laboratory strain. readme-icon
YPS128/ Pennsylvania woodland isolate. readme-icon
YPS163/ Pennsylvania woodland isolate. readme-icon
YS9/ Singaporean commercial baking strain. readme-icon
ZTW1/ Chinese corn mash bioethanol isolate. readme-icon
alignments Compressed file containing aligned DNA and protein sequences of S. cerevisiae strains. readme-icon
archive/ Archived sequences of S. cerevisiae strains other than S288C. readme-icon


Fungal Sequence

Nucleic acid and protein sequences of yeast and fungal species other than Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

  Name Description README
L_kluyveri/ Lachancea kluyveri (synonym Saccharomyces kluyveri). [TXT]
S_bayanus/ Saccharomyces bayanus. [TXT]
S_uvarum/ Saccharomyces bayanus var. uvarum. [TXT]
S_castellii/ Saccharomyces castellii. [TXT]
S_kudriavzevii/ Saccharomyces kudriavzevii. [TXT]
S_mikatae/ Saccharomyces mikatae. [TXT]
S_paradoxus/ Saccharomyces paradoxus. [TXT]
S_pastorianus/ Saccharomyces pastorianus. readme-icon


Yeast Viruses

FASTA sequence files for Saccharomyces cerevisiae viruses.

  Name Description README
20S_RNA_Narnavirus_1997_NC004051.fsa S. cerevisiae 20S RNA Narnavirus [TXT]
23S_RNA_Narnavirus_1997_NC004050.fsa S. cerevisiae 23S RNA Narnavirus [TXT]
KillerVirusM1_1996_NC001782.fsa S. cerevisiae killer virus M1 [TXT]
L-A_L1_2002_NC003745.fsa S. cerevisiae virus L-A (L1) [TXT]
L-BC_La_1993_NC001641.fsa S. cerevisiae virus L-BC (La) [TXT]